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What is CheatHouse, and how do I join?

The announced upgrade has been postponed to next week.

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Terms for registering are that you behave and that we retain the right to delete your account for any reason we see fit (this has only happened twice in 5 years). Stuff we do not like is if you submit essays, which are not yours, and share your account with others. Your name and password is strictly personal! Note that if you log too many times in a day, we may suspend the account. This is a measure we have to prevent abuse.
Please fill in the fields below to register yourself as a user at You WILL NOT receive spam of any kind from us. Ever. But we do need a working email address.
If you encounter problems, then have a look at the Support Center.

About cheating: If you cheat, you are on your own. We will not help you, nor will we say that the essay you used, was yours. Sorry. What we do hope, is that you will use the essays to get inspired, and if you find an essay which is perfect, then use it. Quote it as a source – this is completely acceptable, and there is no way you can get in trouble for it. Consider this a library as any other.

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Notice that when you sign up you become Pending User, with only access to the Free Essays. If you submit one essay, you become Regular User, with access to the Regular Essays (about one fifth of all the essays). If you submit more than three essays, you become Super User, and get access to everything. It usually takes a few days for the essays to get approved.
If you want to become Super User immediately, then select your option below. It can cost as little as 14 cents a day and will give you full access to the site.

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