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What is CheatHouse, and how do I join?

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What is CheatHouse?

In Short

CheatHouse is a database of essays, term papers, reports, assignments, study notes, book reports and anything else you can imagine a student benefiting from seeing. CheatHouse is also a community of students, who comment essays, rate essays, share information and tips, help each other with homework, help each other understand concepts from school and is generally a good place to start if you are sometimes stuck with your homework. Below follows a more detailed description of each part of the site.


To stimulate learning. Simply. We have gotten a lot of critisism in the past, and I suspect this will continue in the future, but we are trying to build a community, where students come together.


Origin The database is built entirely on submissions from the community. The quality varies, but since every single essays is reviewed, the worst gets filtered away. However, our philosophy is that even if an essay is poorly written, someone can properly benefit from it. However all registered users have the chance to rate essays. If one essays gets a very poor rating, we delete it.

We accept all kinds of essays, reports, term papers etc. and additionally we hope that many of you will start to submit your Study Notes and summaries.

Added value The added value to the essays comes from the ratings and from the user comments. Some poorer essays might still be useful, because other users point out what the problem with them are, or what can be improved.

Submitting essays We strongly encourage users to submit essays. If you have benefited from somebody else submitting an essay, then why not show others the same enjoyment, by submitting your work? Well, the benefits are more than just feel-good. When you submit an essay, you gain points, for which you can use to become a Super User (more on that later).

To submit an essay, browse the essays and when you find the correct subject your essay belongs to, then click the submit essay link or image.

Pending, Regular and Super Essays Simply put there are three kinds of essays: Super, Regular and Pending. If you submit an essay today, it will take a few days before we can review it. Until we do, it is Pending. Everyone can read pending essays.

About 2,500 of the essays in the database are Regular. Anyone who registers can read them.

The rest of the essays (well over 5,000) are Super. To read these, you must be a Super User (more information elsewhere in this document about how simple it is to become Super User).

Who can read what essays?
Essay Status
User Status Visitor X
Regular XX
Super XXX

Essay Rotation Since we want all of the essays to become commented and rated, we put all the essays on rotation. When we get a new essay, one old Regular Essay is made Super Essay. And, at the same time, a Super Essay is made Regular Essay. The essays are chosen randomly. So even if you aren’t Super User, you can just wait to see any essay.

The CheatHouse point system

Click for explanation.

User menu

As a registered member, you can customize CheatHouse in a number of ways: how it is shown, in what language, with what boxes.


All users have a right to get support on CheatHouse. However, since we get so many questions every day, we have to prioritize. Generally, payment questions and problems have the highest priority, and we aim to reply those mail within 24 hours. After that Super Users get higher priority than Regular Users, and homework help questions directly to the support center receive the lowest priority. But they will all be answered.

More questions? Suggestions?

One of things we really reward, are good solid suggestions for improvement 🙂 We want to continually develop and refine the engine which runs CheatHouse, so your suggestions are very welcome. Shoot them in at the Support Center under “Suggestions”. Please, also speak up, if you disagree with the rating system, think the points are unfair or any other thing.

The best place to go, if you still have any questions is the Support Center. At a later time, we will try and develop a discussion board, so users can have a chance to help each other with more general questions.

Last updated: 22.Jun.2003

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