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  • Subject:  Law Essays, Research & Term Papers

    Current Subject:root: Law & Government: Law

    Cases (238)
    Issues (797)
    Death Penalty (295)
    super“So What If I’m not 21?” Opinions on the legal drinking age- we should lower it to 18 44
    superCapital punishment33
    superCase: Tinker v. Des Moines, Kuhlmieir v. Hazelwood04
    regularHaving a Gun02
    super12 page paper on Evidence and liability relating. Written for CRJU 4400 class.113
    super“At long last the English courts now recognise and endorse patient autonomy” Discuss.111
    superThe Canadian Justice System vs. Aboriginal People02
    super“The Law in relation to misrepresentation drives a ‘coach and four’ through the hallowed principle of caveat emptor” Discuss.26
    super“To what extent should the law recognise non-charitable purpose trusts?”16
    superThe Advantages of American Educational System02
    superAnalysis of Tortious Liability.017
    superEconomic Ramifications of Stringent Tort Laws 018
    superDrugs and legalization02
    superHow can the corporations law in australia be changed to prevent another HIH collapse?014
    superThe Role of the Prosecutor14
    superA basic write up of a bill legalizing assisted suicide35
    superThe Historical Development Of The Juvenile Justice System03
    regularRegulatory Risk09
    regularEntity Selection Exercise.06
    superNon Charitable Trusts Are Purpose Trusts Charitable?06
    superThe Patriot Act: A breakdown and in-depth view of the unconstitionality of various aspects of the Patriot Act.010
    superA term paper on the comparasson between innocent until proven guilty vs. guilty until proven innocent, and the role of the prosecutor in the american judicaial system08
    superLaw Case Study on Property012
    superAccess and Equity in Australian Law032
    super“The cost of freedom” “Imagine”13

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