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European Union (51)
United Nations (37)
super[Dutch] The Dutch parliament014
regularAnalysis of “No Child Left Behind” Act19
regularMonopoly: Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. Is more government oversight of corporate finances needed? 04
superControlling the Bureaucracy.03
superPresidency and Media paper.06
superFederalism and Education.03
superIn what ways has globalisation helped multinational corporations coordinate and control their business functions on a global scale03
superCareer Research Essay.113
superThe Palestinian Mass Uprising06
superUnder-representation of Women In Politics09
regularMovie review of Primary Colors in regards to Presidential campaigns and elections.010
superMock-endorsement letter to Barack Obama. Issues on tax, health-care, and his Vice presidential pick.16
regular“Federalist 51” by James Madison03
superDemocratic governments- do they really serve the interests of the people? 03
superMy explanation of the action of people at Mahakarn Fort Community through the concepts of civil society, extra-parliamentary politics, informal politics, participatory democracy, and governance. 03
superGovernment of France024
superTitle: An Analysis of Primary Sources from Hurricane Katrina, Assignment: Write and argumentative essay on a political contraversy using only PRIMARY SOURCES06
superAn In Depth Look at Russia07
super British Colonies in the Future 023
superElectoral college.06
superMunicapal election speach01
superThis essay is about what a person has to go through a campaign for the presidency of the US.05
superCritically assess the changes that have been made since that date to China’s legal system as a whole07
super3 major restraints that the government has on the media02
superAbraham Lincoln12

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