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Is it allowed to use one of these essays for school/university?


That’s completely up to you, but if you want to be in accordance with school rules, you will have to get a copy of the policies on Academic Honesty.

Generally, there are no problems using essays, as long as you acknowledge the sources! This is absolutely essential. This means that if you use an idea or if you make a direct quote or you paraphrase from another essay, you must include the essay in your bibliography.

To see how to include an essay into your bibliography, have a look at the essay you want to use, and look at the bottom of the page. Look under “How to Cite This Essay” for an example.

Some subjects/school disallow collaboration with others (for example in some programming classes), so if you want to be sure, check with your teacher. If you fear your teacher will be negatively minded about an essay site, then ask if it is allowed to use articles when writing your essay. The same rules apply for essays as for book and articles.

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