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What is CheatHouse, and how do I join?

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Frequently Asked Questions
If your question can’t be found, or the answer is insufficient, email us or give us a call.

Payment:  Payment related questions
I paid for access – how do I cancel my subscription?
What is recurring billing – what is a subscription?
I paid using PayPal and I STILL don’t have full access! What is wrong?
I would like a refund/I have a complaint.
What type of payment do you accept?
Can I pay with cash or money order?

Essay Queries:  Essay and term paper related questions
I want to submit an essay. How do I do it? Why would I want to do it?
I need an essay, can you please find it for me?
Is it allowed to use one of these essays for school/university?
How do I browse just the Pending Essays?
I have seen this essay on another website / this essay is not authorized!
I need the bibliography for an essay.
How can submit a copyright infringement notification?
How do you calculate the number of pages an essay has in the search results?

Becoming a member:  Questions relating to becoming a member
What is the difference between Regular and Super Users?
I want to become a Regular User
I want to become a Super User

Other:  Various queries and questions.
I have a question not listed here.
I want to change my password
What are points and ratings?
I have seen something that doesn’t work / I have found a bug. Now what?
I have a suggestion for improving CheatHouse.

Navigation and site features:  Navigating the site, boxes, options and features
I wrote a comment on an essay, but it does not show, or has dissapeared.
How does the Favourites Box work?
How do the Boxes work?

Super User Problems:  Members-only related problems
I didn’t receive a transaction receipt via e-mail.
I lost my password.

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