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  • Subject:  Biotechnology Essays, Research & Term Papers

    Current Subject:root: Sciences: Biotechnology

    regularits about point mutations, actually just a short summary of it, it was used on one of my power point presentations11
    superBioethics cloning.07
    superStem Cell Technologies. 06
    superBiotechnology Throughout History – Food Preservation Research one type of biotechnology and give a detailed report on two types commonly used today.03
    superCorn Rootworm – Genetic Defects of Pesticides on Plants03
    superBush on Stem Cells04
    regularThis essay depicts the morality of genetic engineering.05
    superIdentification and Biometrics.012
    superPersuasive analysis: An interpretation of an article on the HPV vaccine ‘gardasil’09
    superA lab report on the investigation of temperature on catalase activity.03
    regularPros and cons of improving humans by genetic engineering.03
    superPros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods09
    regularStem Cell Research Controversy: Argumentative Essay05
    superEthical Issues in Organ Transplantation06
    superCuring CF by gene therapy03
    regularAdult stem cells should replace embryonic ones.04
    superThe Use of Antibiotics Should Continue.06
    superDNA Fingerprinting as a Source for Identification in 9/11 Cases.01
    regularStem Cell- clearly describes the benefits of stem cell research to modern medical research and advancement- done for a high school Anatomy/Physiology class-5 pages17
    regularThe Selfish Gene by RIchard Dawkins. Chapter by Chapter Overview of the book.015
    regularThis text is a written report of a lecture attended on medicine and general and how it relates to his profesion Chiropractology.14

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